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Foresters FinancialTM understands the importance of your client's experience with us. On December 8th, we are updating iPipeline iGO e-App1 to make selling Foresters better. These enhancements will help improve efficiency and productivity by eliminating errors and increasing your chance of submitting an "In Good Order" application.

What's new?
Medical e-App
Same process, same underwriting; now quicker to submit your business:

Ability to attach an illustration for SMART UL and Advantage Plus cases, have it e-Signed and sent to Foresters along with the e-App package > Learn how here
Payment options include Check, to be collected upon certificate delivery
Eight (8) questionnaires
Flexible Payment Paid-up Additions Rider (FPUAR) and Single Payment Paid-up Additions Rider (SPUAR) available on Advantage Plus
All e-Apps (non-medical2 and medical

Electronic submission
Bank Validation - banking information provided must be valid in order to proceed
1035 Exchange (not available in NY) and lump sum payments
Single Payment Paid-up Additions Rider (SPUAR) available on Advantage Plus4 
  1. The Authorization for Disclosure of Medical and Health-Related Information form (new for medical products) as well as the 1035 Exchange form (for non-medical and medical products) will be included as part of the e-Application package and will be electronically signed; however, it is possible that some doctors and/or the external exchange companies may not accept an electronic signature. If this happens, the form(s) will need to be wet signed and current day processing will be followed
  2. Point-of-Sale Decisioning is available for non-medical e-Apps only.

With the iPipeline iGO e-App, you can submit non-medical and medical Term, SMART UL and Advantage Plus applications online - simply, quickly and easily. Foresters e-App helps you improve efficiency and productivity by eliminating errors and increasing your chance of submitting an "In Good Order" application. An "In Good Order" application means you get paid faster, your cycle times are reduced and our ability to decision your case is accelerated.

Why use Foresters e-App?

  • Speed of processing - with decisions in as little as ten minutes with POS decisions1 on non-medical products.
  • Built-in point-of-sale forms - so you can submit the application In Good Order and don't have to return to your clients because of missing information.
  • Ease of signing with Touch to Sign for iPad. One signature completes all signature fields in the application package.

What do you need to know?

  • You and your client each need separate email addresses so your client can receive the point-of-sale forms
  • Once you have electronically submitted the e-App to Foresters, track your e-App the same way you would track your paper application

iPipeline Tools

iPipeline support materials to assist with iGO e-App. Learn how to complete and process In Good Order applications.
Learn how to: Unlock a Case, Re-send Signature Emails, and more.

iPipeline e-App webinars and other training
IGO e-App FAQs

Foresters Training Tools

Personalized training materials help you get started with e-App.

e-App Eligibility Rules  
e-App Success Tips and Troubleshooting Ideas

Using iPipeline's iGO e-Application with Foresters Financial - Term, SMART UL & Advantage Plus II

Using iPipeline's iGO e-Application with Foresters Financial - BrightFuture

Using iPipeline's e-App - How to Sign the e-App
Using iPipeline's e-App - Tips and Support
Adverse Underwriting and TIA Requirements
Attaching an illustration to an e-App

1 e-App is available through the iPipeline iGO e-App platform using Internet Explorer (desktop/laptop) or Safari (Apple iPad only) for Foresters non-medical and medical products (excluding Foresters PlanRight). Touch to Sign is available on Apple iPad only. POS decision for non-medical products will be unavailable Monday to Saturday from 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. and from Saturday 10:00 p.m. to Sunday 10:00 a.m. (ET). Some e-App features are not available in NY (refer to ezbiz, Toolbox/e-App section for more details).

2 Insurability depends on answers to medical and other application questions and an underwriting review.

3 Not available in NY

4 Not available in NY for non-medical

Foresters products and their riders may not be available or approved in all states and are subject to underwriting approval, limitations, contract terms and conditions, and state variations. Refer to the applicable Foresters Product Guide and insurance contract for your state for these terms and conditions. Products underwritten by The Independent Order of Foresters.

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